I must admit that up until this very moment I did not know about the existence of Zotero. But this application has definitely been handed over to me at a very propitious moment in time. Being in the middle of researching for a paper that I am currently writing, this tool will definitely come in handy in the very close future … indeed as we speak! I need to say at this point that I still need to get well-acquainted with this new piece of software, but I am positive that the learning curve should not be a very tough one and the benefits will overcome any difficulties in learning how to go about get most advantage from Zotero.

I have read various other blogs on this particular topic and there are even some colleagues who have been and are currently using Zotero with their students who are in the process of writing their dissertations. It seems that many are finding it extremely useful in the organisation of their research – as let’s face it, researching at some point can get increasingly irritating at organising, and myself being a very organised person would definitely ‘fall in love’ with anything which would help me keep myself even more organised in a research endeavour.

I would like to end this blog by asking a question to anyone who might be reading …

Basically I would like to ask for some hints and tips on using Zotero and if using both Zotereo and Mendeley is advisable?

Thanks to any who may answer! πŸ™‚search-queries