In this particular blog, I have decided to compare and contrast these two cloud storage software available for free use to anyone on the move …




In a world where cloud storage has become a common function in every office, school and household, software has developed which gives any user the ability to save data in any format in a location not on his/her computer and will be able to access that data given there is a good internet connection. This provides safety of data and accessibility in the case that the tactile storage device would not be available.

Both Dropbox and Google Drive offer the exact same services, which is data storage in any format. Both have quite large data limits given for free with registration. In my regard the only thing which makes Google Drive a slightly better repository is that combined with Google Drive it is to a certain point complete as a service as it gives you the possibility to create data and store it for later access simultaneously.

Personally, I registered to both. Storage nowadays is a necessary and expensive commodity and it is never enough. Have a few extra Gigabytes is always a plus!

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